Worldschooling has never been easier, with so many websites and apps to aid in education.  If you’re new to the whole concept, read our post about it: Worldschooling.

Here are a few of our favorite resources for supporting a family on the move:


Our favorite place to connect with other worldschooling families is on Facebook.  Our go-to group is called Worldschoolers and it’s a great place to start.  Other great groups include Families on the Move and Homeschool Travel Connect.  They are all closed groups, so just read the requirements and request to join.

Websites and Apps

Duolingo is a fantastic free app for learning 16 different languages, including Spanish, French and German.  Duolingo is Rich’s favorite way to learn a new language and it’s free!
Memrise  is a learning tool used to teach languages and other subjects like history and geography.  They offer over 200 languages!  The boys and I love Memrise for Spanish.  Something in the way that it is set up really works for me and it’s free!
Math Ninja is a fun app to practice math skills.  Kids use math to defend their treehouse from robots! Our boys love playing it and it’s free!
Stack the States is our twins’ favorite game and they don’t seem to notice that it’s an educational app!  Great way to learn U.S. geography and capitals. I wish they would make it for other countries too!  
Spelling City is a great app for spelling practice.  You can put in your own lists or load a list by grade level.  The app has learning lessons, spelling tests and fun games with the words.  Our boys love playing Hang Mouse on it! is a subscription video learning site.  I used it to learn how to create and maintain my blog in WordPress!    A Basic plan costs $25 per month for unlimited courses. Our oldest son has taken some amazing courses including Lettering Comic Books with Illustrator, Foundations of Algebra, and Unity 5: 3D Essential Training.  They also offer GRE and SAT prep courses. 
Teach With Movies offers lesson plans to go with with hundreds of films.  You can search by specific films or by topic.  The site lists movies that cover that topic and includes lesson plans.  Free
Kahn Academy offers instructional videos and practice exercises on a wide array of subjects including math, computer programming, economics, science and art history.  Our boys use Kahn Academy daily.  Kahn Academy is a great resource and it’s free!
Udemy offers over 40,000  instructional videos including music, languages, science, computer programming and history.  Our oldest loved The Inexplicable Universe with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Courses range from free to $50.Visit Udemy to see their whole course catalog Udemy Generic 300x250
Brave Writer offers online classes for ages 5 to 18.  Each class is led by a published writer with homeschooling experience.  Many classes are offered each quarter including Middle School Writing Projects, Powerful fiction techniques and Collage admissions essay.  Tuition varies by class.

Are you worldschooling? What are your favorite resources? Share in the comments below.


    • Jennifer Reply

      Thank you Alyssa. It has been really rewarding for our family!

  1. We love some of these things, too. We use Khan for math a lot and who doesn’t love Stack the States. There’s also a Stack the Countries.

    • Jennifer Reply

      We just downloaded Stack the Countries – thanks!

  2. just found this post on Pinterest – some great ideas here, some I know of but some new to me too! Thanks 😀

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