Keeping track of our 3 boys’ finances has gotten more complicated as they get older.  They all have weekly allowances, chores, and often do side jobs for cash.  To add to the mayhem, our oldest is driving now so we are constantly making sure that he has the cash he needs when he is away from us. So when the Current debit card for teens suggested a collaboration, we were really excited because it’s the perfect solution for our family.

Current makes managing our kids’ finances easy for everyone in our family.  Current gives kids independence, teaches them to save, and how to manage their spending. Parents can manage their child’s account through the app and add money to the account with free instant transfers. We love this feature; it’s great to know that we can quickly get them money in case of emergency.  

Allowance payments can also be set up regularly.  This has been really helpful when we’re traveling!  When our kids want to buy something on the road, we don’t have to negotiate whether they have money in their ‘account’ or not, we just pull out the app and look it up.

Our boys love that they can keep an eye on their own accounts and that they no longer have to ask us for their allowance.  Our oldest loves that he has a real Visa debit card that he is in complete control of.  We love that we can keep an eye on what they’re spending.

Current is easy to set up, using their mobile app, and the debit card arrived in the mail pretty quickly.  We just attached our bank account and began funding the boys’ accounts.  Each of them has 3 wallets: a Spending wallet attached to the debit card, a Saving wallet for saving for the future, and a Giving wallet for donating to causes they care about.

We recommend you give Current a try.  Getting started is easy and the cost is only $3/month for one child and $1 more for each additional child. Follow this link to get started.

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Current but the content and opinions are totally our own.

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Teaching Money Management to your teen

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